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You can now also upgrade the White edition of our Petite Be My Bridesmaid box to a Deluxe edition, which will come in a larger white gift box and the addition of one of our luxurious Dahlia Robes.


This large white gift box adorned with a black velvet bow includes:


Gardenia Bar Soap:

Infused with the delicate floral fragrance of Gardenias, this bar will nourish and replenish your skin's natural oils.

Manufactured by The Scented Soap Deli, who specialise in providing a French style, triple-milled, certified and sustainable plant oil based soap bars.


Made in Australia by New Zealanders and is Cruelty-free. 


Matte Satin Scrunchie:

These are lovingly hand-made in New Zealand by Scrunchy Cat Hair Accessories and are made in the same material as the signature matte satin fabric found in our robes. 


“Will you be my bridesmaid” Cookie:

This picture perfect cookie is coated with white icing and speckled with gold foil. It will be the perfect sweet treat.

If you would like the cookie to say something else, please select "Other" under options and leave us a note either at check out or contact us directly.


Velvet Skies Keyring:

This key ring is made from faux white leather and finished with gold metalware. 

Our logo will still be subtly featured on one side.



Please note the inner lid of this gift box cannot be customised.

White Be My Bridesmaid Box with Robe

  • Please note all orders will take up to 7 working days to be shipped, as gift boxes/gift items are individually put together as orders come in and often include personalisations or cookies that are freshly made to order. 

    For your reference, cookies last up to 2 weeks. 

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