Display your treasured rings in these plush velvet boxes that you can personalise, making it that much more memorable for wedding day photos and as a keepsake. 


It also makes a stunning gift box for gifting jewellery pieces such as rings and earrings. 


See the information section to find out how you can personalise the ring box. If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us here


Velvet Ring Box

Single box or set
  • Available in Grey and Champagne. 

    Comes only with a single ring slot, but it can fit two smaller rings side by side. The ring box itself measures 6.5 cm x 5 cm. 

    Single boxes will be $16, a set will be $30. 

  • Personalisations will be in Gold for the grey box and Silver for the Champagne box, unless otherwise discussed. 

    Due to limited space on the ribbon, we are only able to offer the standard ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’, or initials, for example: ‘M + B’, ‘P & J’, ‘RG’. 

    If you would like the ring box personalised, please write it down under 'How would you like to personalise your ribbon(s)?', including what text for which coloured ring box, e.g. 'Grey box - Mr'